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Central Lake Erie Basin Collaborative

What is the Collaborative?

A network of organizations and initiatives that work collaboratively to protect and restore natural areas and promote stormwater solutions for a healthy Lake Erie and local streams/its tributaries.

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Help us steward the Lake Erie Watershed!

Environmental challenges don’t have boundaries—neither should our efforts to solve them.

What issues do our watersheds face?

The range of watersheds between the Huron River and Pennsylvania is vast. The landscape includes dense urban cores and wide-open agricultural spaces. Yet, all the watersheds share common challenges and an ultimate goal: to provide Lake Erie with healthy fresh water — our drinking water.

Water quality issues include: high-volume runoff, non-point source pollution (fertilizer, pesticides, gas, oil, soaps, pet waste), habitat fragmentation, erosion and sedimentation. The CLEB gives watershed groups an opportunity to collaborate on solutions to these shared issues. Environmental challenges don’t have boundaries—neither should our efforts to solve them!

Thank YOU for helping local waterways.

What does CLEB do?

Northern Ohio leads the state in the number of organizations striving to restore local waterways. These organizations are now collaborating on grants, stormwater management, restoration, education and policy. Working together, we are able to harness shared strengths and increase efficiency.

How can the public help?

The health of our watersheds is impacted by every person’s decisions and actions at home, in our yards, at businesses and in our communities. You can take individual and collective actions to effectively conserve, enhance, restore and manage watershed resources for the benefit of all.

Want to learn more? Click here to download 25 ways you can help our watershed!

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West Creek Conservancy –
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The Nature Conservancy – abrennan@TNC.ORG